1955 Chevrolet 210 Resto Mod

1955 Chevrolet 210 Resto Mod
Vehicle Description

1955 Chevrolet Bel Air/150/210 Resto Mod

HIGHLIGHTS: Fuel injection, air conditioning, power steering, and cross-country reliability! Corvette LT-1 V8 & 4L80 transmission! Salt Flat wheels! You won't find a cooler family cruiser.
BODY OVERVIEW: The body on this 210 is very straight, and shows the care this car has received since it was built. Though this car has seen over 32,000 miles of use since it was built, the body has held up well.
PAINT CONDITION OVERVIEW: Much like the body, the paint is looking fantastic given the age of the build and the number of miles logged since completion! While the paint does show some signs of use here and there, it still shines brilliantly and will be good for many years to come.
INTERIOR CONDITION OVERVIEW: The black vinyl interior is a fantastic contrast to the exterior color, with just enough white accents thrown in to keep things interesting. The Dakota Digital dash cluster is the perfect centerpiece and ideal for a car meant to be genuinely used as a car. Typical areas such as the driver's seat show very minor signs of wear from use, but the interior has been kept meticulously clean. She's all dressed up and ready to go!
MECHANICAL OVERVIEW: The LT-1 V8 is a great choice for a car like this, and has been done right! It fits well in the engine bay and almost looks like it belongs. The modern accessories are all functional including power steering and air conditioning. It has a nice rumble to the exhaust, and the LT-1 is more than enough power to boogie down in this wagon. The 4L80 tranmission provides enough gears to cruise comfortably on the highway, and with over 32,000 miles logged since it was built there is no doubt that this car is your beachgoing, roadtrip, classic cruiser adventure-mobile.
WHAT YOU'LL LOVE ABOUT THIS CAR: The way it drives! This car is simple, easy, and comfortable to operate. You can sit back, and enjoy the drive wherever you're going.
WHAT YOU MIGHT HATE ABOUT THIS CAR: Yellow is a polarizing color, and while this 210 is a lovely shade, it is not for everyone.
DOES IT NEED ANYTHING? At the moment, the reverse lights are inoperational, but there is nothing needed to take this cruiser to the beach this weekend!
WHAT BUYER IS LOOKING FOR THIS CAR? The buyer for this car is looking for a fun, family-friendly classic to make memories in. Whether you have kids, or just want to pile in as many buddies as you can, this 210 is an excellent choice for year round fun.
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Air Conditioning YES
Heater YES
Speedometer YES
Oil Pressure Gauge/Light YES
Temperature Gauge/Light YES
Fuel Gauge YES
Tachometer YES
Wipers YES
Horn YES
Radio YES
Headlights YES
Tail Lights YES
Brake Lights YES
Reverse Lights NO
Turn Signals YES
Emergency Brake YES
Keys – Ignition, Door & Trunk YES
Runs & Drives YES
Vehicle Details
  • VIN: B55K022548
  • Item location: Local pick-up only
  • Year: 1955
  • Mileage: 32183
  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Model: Bel Air/150/210
  • SubModel: Resto Mod
  • Color: Yellow
  • Type: Station Wagon
  • Trim: Resto Mod
  • Engine: LT1 350 V8
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Interior color: Black
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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