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Very Drivable & Clean F250 3/4 Ton! 302 V8, Auto, A/C, PS, Pwr Disc Brks, Nice!

Very Drivable & Clean F250 3/4 Ton! 302 V8, Auto, A/C, PS, Pwr Disc Brks, Nice!
Vehicle Description

1955 Ford F-100 F-250 3/4 Ton

Just a neat old pickup? Guess again! Someone pulled out all the stops on this 1955 Ford F-250, giving it a traditional look with plenty of vintage horsepower compliments of a 302/340 HP small block V8, fuel injection, and plenty of creature comforts. If you appreciate modern performance hidden inside an old-school truck, this Ford is for you!
At first glance, this handsome pickup has just the right vintage look to be charming. You don't expect it to be too powerful, not with looks like that, but it will bring a smile to everyone's face when they see it ambling down the road. The freshened Ford face would become one of the most popular vehicles in history, and despite a comprehensive restoration with some added upgrades, this one retains its commercial good looks with correct trim and slick blue paint. The steel body is very straight, suggesting that this one was tasked with light-duty work all its life, and when it was freshened someone took their time to get it right, because this sucker looks awfully good under our lights. The big steel fenders glisten with rich blue paint, the original hood and doors fit quite nicely, and the bed has been filled with stunning wood planks with a beautiful grain structure that matches the stakes up top. It's not perfect, but for a driver, it's about as nice as you can ask for. All the chrome is great shape too, providing nice contrast while adding a little bling to the presentation, and the custom graphics on the doors were painted on and give this truck a very cool, bespoke feel. After all, what else screams 'Merica!!! more than a vintage Ford truck!
There's not much inside that hasn't been restored and improved upon, resulting in a beautiful, comfortable cab that's a great place to spend some time in. The bench seat looks right at home, with a two-tone vinyl seat cover that matches the exterior and is very comfortable on long road trips. Perfect case in point, the owner of this beauty drove over 270 miles to our showroom and was ready to do jumping jacks when got out. Now that's comfort! The slick black dash is original, including the all-in-one gauge pack that looks to have been completely restored back to stock specs. Of course, as a high-end build, you get effective A/C via an aftermarket Vintage unit that's been neatly integrated into the dash, along with a Lokar gas pedal and aftermarket middle console that work together to make this truck a very comfortable cruiser on long-distance hauls. That column shifter is matched to a 3-speed automatic transmission below, so this little pickup will cruise effortlessly at highway speeds, quite unlike its siblings that run out of breath at 45 MPH. All the wiring is new, and aftermarket turn signals were added, since in 1955 they were still not standard equipment on all pickup trucks. A powerful AM/FM/CD/AUX stereo provides entertainment, although you may not need it with the way this one dances on the road, and a module screen for the Holley fuel-injection system was discreetly tucked away inside the middle console.
The engine is a 302 V8 that's been punched up to produce 340 horsepower. The result it a torque factor that moves this pickup like a modern muscle car, and with approximately 2500 miles on the drivetrain, it's just getting warmed up. Holley Sniper fuel injection means it starts instantly and idles well even when it's cold, and with that fresh transmission, fuel economy is reasonable, too. It's packed into that narrow engine bay, but with an upgraded serpentine belt drive system, the accessories tuck in tight to the block and the Ford Racing finned valve covers and Ford racing air cleaner look great. The chassis is super clean and incorporates a Mustang II style front suspension, power rack-and-pinion steering, Wilwood 4-wheel disc brakes, tubular control arms up front and a heavy duty rear end out back, so it really drives beautifully. The dual exhaust system is a flat-out work of art, and the engineering is done right, because this truck cruises better now than when the factory built it. Blue steelies adorned with Ford hubcaps and beauty rings are just the right look for this truck, and they're wrapped in 235/70/15 BFGoodrich radials that perfectly finish things off.
Beautifully restored and very dependable, this is one vintage pickup that hauls more than tools. With a ton of time and money wrapped up in the build, it's every bit as nice as you think it is. Call today!
Vehicle Details
  • VIN: F25D5H75318
  • Year: 1955
  • Mileage: 80796
  • Make: Ford
  • Model: F-100
  • SubModel: F-250 3/4 Ton
  • Color: Blue
  • Type: Pickup Truck
  • Trim: F-250 3/4 Ton
  • Engine: 302 V8
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Interior color: Black
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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