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67 AC Shelby Cobra 427 w/ 428 FE scj independent rear suspension 4 spd toploader

67 AC Shelby Cobra 427 w/ 428 FE scj independent rear suspension 4 spd toploader
Vehicle Description

1967 Shelby Cobra AC Motors 427

1967 AC Shelby Cobra 4274,000 +/- miles as I will be driving it until you pry the clear Michigan Title out of my hands! ;) Michigan Title has it as a 1967 Cobra Replica, while previous owner's TN & TX Titles were listed as 1967 UNIQ 427.
Never thought that this would leave my garage as I have wanted one for 35 years, purchased it 2 years ago and now the current "economy" is forcing the sale. It needs a new home that recognizes just what this is.
This is not like the usual recreations or kits out there. So please keep reading.
1992 Unique Motorcars build. One of the first and longest running replica AC Ford Shelby Cobra 427 companies, established in 1977 in Gadsden, Alabamaand still availablefor factory tours! http://uniquemotorcars.com/
Look at their website and you will see that the current "Deluxe Pallet Kit Price" is $32,195, which is before assembly, engine, transmission, wheels, tires and bright work! What also would be missing is the patina and all the little details that makes so many people ask "is it real?"
The answer is it is really, really close. It has a fiberglass body and stronger square tube frame, and if you do a bit of research you will see that it is dressed up with nearly every detail that makes it very authentic to the original, including:
  • 7 Liter BIG BLOCK 428 FE with Super Cobra Jet Heads (100 out of the 311 +/- 1965-67 Ford Cobra "427s" were shipped with this motor, although the 427 FE "side oiler" gets all the attention because of a) the cubic inch number matching the car, and as it can go to 7,000 rpm versus the 428's 6,000 rpm. You saw the Ford V. Ferrari movie, right? However, are you really going to take this car above 140 mph?! Then the 428 FE SCJ, which is the largest FE motor that Ford ever built will be just fine...)
  • Dual 650 cfm HolleyCarburetors
  • Ford Medium Riser aluminum intake manifold.According to the "The Great FE Intake Comparo" by Jay Brown (C) 2014 this setup is good for 467 lbs toruqe at 3,900 rpm and 410 horsepower at 5,200 rpm BEFORE ALL THE GOODIES:
  • roller cam and ERSON roller rockers.
  • ERSON rocker end stands to "fix" the week link in the SCJ heads (check out the forums for the high RPM logic).
  • RPM limiter set to 6,000
  • High torque starter.
  • Mallory Small Cap HEI Electronic Distributor
  • 45K Coil
  • Chrome alternator
  • All visible hoses are braided stainless with "aircraft" fittings.
  • Chrome radiator "puke tank"
  • Chrome Holman Moody crankcase breather tube.
  • Chrome Stelling & Hellings metal air cleaners.
  • Finned "428 Cobra Jet" valve covers. I will also include the period correct chrome "pent-roof" valve covers, however these are stamped metal and tend to leak as the gaskets do not sit in the guides correctly.
  • Remote Oil Filter.
  • Aluminum radiator.
  • Dual electric shrouded fans sitting in front of the radiator.
  • Adjustable brake valve for front/rear balancing
  • Ford 4-speed toploader
  • Jaguarindependent rear suspension with in-board disc brakes
  • topcoil-overs
  • Polished Aluminum Roller "Quick-fill" Style Gas Fuel Cap
  • American Racing faux Halibrand style pin drive wheels (AKA "knock-off wheels"). These are lugnut wheels, but the lugnuts are hidden behind a center cone, so most people think they are "real." Most of the time these are missing and it is easy to see the lugnuts and that the spinner is just dressing.
  • Mastercraft Avenger G/T Tires. (245/60R15 front and 295/50R15 rears)
  • 4 Halibrand style Trigo pin drive wheels are included in sale so the Buyer can make the look even more authentic. (Buyer will need to purchase the "drive pins" from Trigo website. I was waiting until I was ready to install wheels to purchase.)
  • Stewart Warner Gauges, including the counter clockwise speedometer.
  • AC wood-rimmed steering wheel.
  • AC pedals(gas, brake and clutch)
  • Twin Lucas "hi/low" horns are included for the "real English sound"
  • electrickill switch
  • chrome fireextinguisher
  • Functional hood scoop "riveted" on like original.
  • Stainless steel front "nudge bar" (the ring shown in some of the photos that protect the grill opening).
  • Ceramic Coated side pipes
  • Matching Ceramic Coated heat shields (can be removed, but they are there for a reason....trust me, "snake bites" are real!)
  • Simson racing seat belt (3 point harnesses included with sale).
  • wind wings and sun shades.
  • Chrome roll hoop.
  • Cibie headlights
  • Battery located in trunk. Roll of new trunk carpet comes with vehicle due to a sending unit gasket leak.
  • Chrome door handles with period correct leather pull handles.
  • 19 gallon aluminum fuel tank.
  • All the extra goodies that I have for the car. Original Stewart Warner Gaugesas well as matching replacements(with the orange needle instead of the white ones), an extra shifter (personal preference one is a dog leg the other straight), cobra fender protectors, etc. This is SWAG, not really a reason to purchase so I won't waste your time reading any more of this stuff. If you have a question and I will answer it ASAP.
This car is beyond words to drive, and is attracts more attention than 99.9% of the rest of the vehicles on the road. It is fast, powerful and keeps your attention/engaged in the driving experience. If you haven't heard the lope & burble of a big block FE with super cobra jet heads coming through sidepipesbefore, well it is primal. If you, your significant others or neighbors don't want that sound & experience then you had better look elsewhere!
Addition to original listing:I meantion the word "patina" in the listing, by that I mean that there are age/wear flaws in the paint. Although most of the paint is without scratches or can be clay barred out there are a few exceptions that I never addressed as they were reasonable for a 28 year old car. Previous to my ownership there was a curb rash on the front air damn, since I can't see it when walking around the vehicle I didn't care. Both rear wheel wells have chips along the surface of the wheel arch. If I didn't know better I would call them "door dings," but I am certain nobodywould EVER do that and not leave a note. I have some touch up paint that I just haven't gotten around to using yet that I will include int he sale. Lastly there is a spot on the driver's side rear quarter panel that the previous owner described as "over buffed." I think that is being generous and it looks like a "under-spray" of the original finish. Regardless, it kind is like a beauty mark and is in a location that isn't obvious, but I should note these and say it is not a "trailer queen," but by no means will this car make anyone at Cars and Coffee turn up their nose. It shows well, as a 28 year old well cared for car should. Also, it has variousleaks, nothing that is worrisome, but we are talking about a 54 year old engine and drive-train. I will include the reusable (36"x 60") absorbent garage carpet floor oil mat that I put down a few weeks ago.
Everything above is what a 1967 Ford Shelby Cobra 427 would have had. Exceptions if you want to be more correct (besides the frame and the fiberglass body) is:
  • Install the Halibrand style Trigo pin drive wheels that come with the car. I will provide safety wire twisting lockwire pliers/cutter with the purchase. Its the tool that twists the stainless steel wire giving it that clean "professionally installed" look. The wire is not required, but it is there as an added "safety" so the knockoffs can't be tampered with. Buyer will need to purchase the "drive pins" from Trigo as well as have their own lead mallet.
  • The battery would be moved to behind the passenger seat using two 6V run in series to create 12V.
  • A spare tire would be in the trunk and the fuel tank would be smaller.
  • Install the chrome pent-roof valve covers, see earlier note about them being prone to leaking.
  • A "BECLAWAT" tag/nameplate/emblem would be mounted on the inside top center of the windshield. I have one and will include it.
Being "correct" also means you should lose the Mallory HEI Distributor and run an original Ford FE distributor, but that would just be silly.... ;)
Again, ask questions and I will do my best to answer them.

On Jun-30-20 at 07:19:35 PDT, seller added the following information:

After receiving a few requests I've decided to remove the reserve price since there are many dealers on Ebay that keep "fishing" with high reserves. Not this auction, GLWTA as this will be an Absolute Sale!
Also, I a bidder asked if this had a modified MG front end or Unique's custom front end. Upon my review of the previous owner's information it appears to be the MG front end. Again, I believe this is as close to "authentic" for the period as possible (AKA AC and MG were using similarfront ends in 1967). Also, the spring-loaded roller on the turn signal is not working so you have to manually reset the turn signal after using the turn signal. Should be an easy fix, but one that I hadn't gotten around to. ;)

On Jun-30-20 at 08:07:45 PDT, seller added the following information:

EBAY will not allow me to remove the "Reserve Price," but it has been lowered to $1 above the current high bid, so it will be gone with the next bid! Again, send any questions and GLWTA!

Vehicle Details
  • VIN: TNV1N004011058773
  • Item location: Lansing, Michigan, United States
  • Year: 1967
  • Mileage: 4000
  • Make: Shelby
  • Model: Cobra
  • Color: Black
  • Type: Convertible
  • Trim: AC Motors 427
  • Engine: 428 super cobra jet
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Drive side: Left-hand drive
  • Interior color: Black
  • Vehicle Title: Clean
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