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1965 Triumph TR4

1965 Triumph TR4
Vehicle Description

1965 Triumph Other

A very original and very straight TR4 with original steel hardtop panelled Surrey. The A-Type overdrive transmission may have been added at the original dealer, but is not indicated in the commission number, nor on the Heritage Certificate. The car was originally sold in California and believe to have spent it's first 50+ years in the San Francisco area. It spent a year in Denver where I bought it in December of 2017. I had the front suspension rebuilt by Sportscar Craftsmen of Arvada, CO...along with new Michelin XZX tires. There is very little rust present. One spot on the lower front right fender near the door edge (see pic); a small hole on the passenger door sill (see pic) and both floors have very minor pinholes in the foot wells. By no means does this require floorpan replacement. Two 4" x 6" patch panels would be more than adequate to completely remedy the issue. The car needs paint, but shows no sign of accident damage and is as straight as an arrow. In a demonstration of bad judgement, someone installed fender mirrors on the hood...! I think this was done very early in the life of the car...maybe even at the selling dealership...! I cannot believe that anyone would have done it, but I removed the mirrors the moment I bought the car and installed rubber floor plugs in the 1/2" holes. The leather seats were recently reupholstered and are quite comfortable (for a mid-60's British go cart). The dash pads are all crack free and the wood dash was replaced with a Roadster Factory walnut veneer panel following my purchase 2 years ago. The carpets are in good condition for a "driver", but ought to be replaced when the car is painted. The Surrey headliner was replaced with a "Volkswagenesque" perforated vinyl by a previous owner. The backlight vinyl is original, as are the door, dogleg and rear cockpit panels. The passenger map pocket has a small tear in the upper left corner, but an additional set of very nice original panels will be included in the sale. All glass is original Triplex... please note 55 years of windshield pitting. The engine runs well with little to no valve train ticking or bottom end rumbling. There is some oil (in all likelihood) passing by the valve guides evidenced by the back end of the trunk needing cleaning after a couple of days of hard driving. I drove the car from Denver to North Georgia after its purchase and drove round-trip to and from Chicago last summer. The car has no reliability issues, but the overdrive transmission needs rebuilding. It does leak and pops out of third gear on acceleration...no denying this. I have been around these cars for 45 years and am brutally honest when selling. The car is very straight and almost rust free. It drives well but needs a valve job, gearbox rebuild and paint. I am very willing to assist with shipping logistics or will consider delivery east of the Mississippi. Call or text with questions or to make an appointment to see and drive the car (706-889-5180). PLEASE respect the average EAST COAST person's hours of slumber (10 pm - 8 am) if calling.
Vehicle Details
  • VIN: CT 37875 L
  • Item location: Ellijay, Georgia, United States
  • Year: 1965
  • Mileage: 82365
  • Make: Triumph
  • Model: Other
  • Vehicle Title: Clean
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