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1963 Triumph Spitfire MK1

1963 Triumph Spitfire MK1
Vehicle Description

1963 Triumph Spitfire

Early hard-to-find "roundtail" Spitfire Mark 1, also called the Spitfire 4. It was built during the first full year of production; car number 8,623. The car runs strong, shifts fine and brakes well. It does not overheat. Newer tires with plenty of tread on mini-lite style wheels for a better ride. Lights, horn, and wipers work. Speedo not working, but probably needs a new cable (which I have). Based on paperwork from a previous owner, the car was restored, repainted and rustproofed in the 1980s. The body and frame are solid, but the re-paint is starting to craze and blister in spots. The front bumper has been re-chromed and looks beautiful. There is a crease under the driver-side sill near the front wheel that needs repair and is probably from a pothole. I have the heritage certificate for this car indicating when built and its original colors and equipment (see photo). It was my intention to go through the entire car, strip and repaint it to original black and restore the interior to original red, so the car comes with a complete red interior kit from Newton Commercial in the UK worth $1,000. I also have a set of original MK1 seat frames that have been striped and powder coated, original MK1 steering wheel, and a complete suspension kit with new bushings, new shocks and new front springs and a vintage blaupunkt radio that works and the correct radio mounting plate. I also have the original steel wheels, in case the new owner wants to return her to original appearance with narrower tires. All of these goodies go to the buyer, making this vehicle an excellent value for someone wanting a project car they can dive into with lots of nice parts on the first day of ownership. Due to the Spitfire's bonnet that fully reveals the engine bay and front suspension, the Spitfire is easy to work on and maintain with many aftermarket companies selling replacement parts that are relatively inexpensive compared with many other vehicles. In fact, some call the Spitfire the Ford Mustang of British collector cars because so many parts - including sheet metal- are readily available. Sad to let her go, but I have too many other projects and not enough time for all of them. Please contact me with any questions or let's talk by phone. I'm easy to work with, but do insist on prompt and full payment with the understanding this car is 57 years old, was previously restored by another owner, will need work to bring her back to showroom condition and carries no warranty whatsoever. All of this said, the Triumph Spitfire is a delightful, little sportscar that is a blast to drive and turns heads wherever you go.
Vehicle Details
  • VIN: FC8623-L
  • Item location: Lewes, Delaware, United States
  • Year: 1963
  • Mileage: 46600
  • Make: Triumph
  • Model: Spitfire
  • Color: White
  • Number of cylinders: 4
  • Interior color: Black
  • Vehicle Title: Clean
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