1984 Volkswagen Vanagon SUNROOF Blue RWD Manual BUS

1984 Volkswagen Vanagon SUNROOF Blue RWD Manual BUS
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1984 Volkswagen Vanagon BUS

About this vehicle**Addendum**
6-29-2020 at 3:45pm
The transmission was removed and thoroughly inspected. The clutch was bad. Everything else checks out fine, but will still replace all parts that are contained in the clutch kit.
A German Luk brand Clutch kit was ordered and will be here on Thursday. Also, the slave will be replaced too. (The Master cylinder was already replaced 2 months ago.)
This 1984 Volkswagen Vanagon is a modified vehicle with updates to the exterior and interior. The owner has had it for 2 years. The vehicle is drivable and is used as a daily driver.
Seller's NotesDream project. literally. I have waited my entire life for this opportunity. I have been physically unable to finish. And today, the clutch went out. I am still working on properly diagnosing. Regardless, I will not be able to own this “labor of love” any longer. Everything in the pictures come with it. Each item was meticulously hand picked to enrich the experience of the owner while maintaining a full time residence within the van. Yes, everything provided will allow you to be totally self sufficient and off grid. With this purchase, you will have every top of the line tool available for a quick fix. The Ingersall Rand Impact will allow quick access to the braking components and easily loosens the gigantic castle nut that many fail to release. ExteriorMy dream project has come to an end because I can no longer physically be a vanagon owner. Today, the clutch would not disengage nor could I get it in and out of gear. I am currently troubleshooting the issue and hope to have it resolved soon. Meanwhile, feel free to shoot me an offer. I have all receipts for everything. literally everything has been replaced, except for clutch. I acquired this in San Francisco on a whim. limped it all the way to Arkansas, and have spent all savings restoring, upgrading, and getting it ready for full time van living! Due to auto accident from a previous accident (unrelated to vanagon) the final touches have been on hold and now I must say goodbye.I am no longer able to work on it nor can I hardly drive it. My condition worsens and today’s events officially pushed me over the edge and was ultimately the catalyst for this lengthy listing. I am selling this Vanagon along with all of my items as listed. if you are uninterested in the miscellaneous items, feel free to make a reasonable offer that is not offensive. Please note, apart from the miscellaneous Items, I have 9 thousand dollars invested in this vehicle. This includes the original purchase price of 2,000.00. Everything has been done for you. The only thing left is aesthetics (dents, bumps,etc) and the suspension components bushings. Everything else is good to go. But, it is a wasserboxer. So “good to go” could mean whatever. All in all, There is 12,000 here. I understand vanagons are a novelty item and the markets are unpredictable. The sunroof is desirable. Have something you want to trade? Try me, you never know. I’ll through in the ICECO fridge if the offer is reasonable. brand new. never used. only tested.The ladder is from Van Cafe.I tried to squeeze in the aesthetic defects that would warrant a potential buyers attention. The Bra was installed to hide front right damage around the turn signal. (see pic). The bra covers it so well that I forget it is there. When I show people, there are quite surprised by how well it hides it. InteriorThis particular model has a large sliding sunroof. This attribute is highly sought and when found, is usually inoperable.This is not the case with my Vanagon. The sunroof is in great working order, and cranks open and shut like butter! The crank handle is from a front door window and not the proper part. however, it still functions well.The interior was stripped to the bare bones in most places. Some of the bony headliner remains. Rattletrap was added as seen in pics. The ceiling and opposing side are not covered. Previous owner cut out two rough holes in the bottom. Currently, it is covered with the rattletrap. I was going to weld in some thin sheet metal but am physically unable. Curtain material comes with this purchase, along with the necessary hardware to properly mount as per specification. All doors, and latches work fine. The interior lights have not been addressed but do work and test appropriately via multimeter. I will add more info as necessary.Miscellaneous items that will come with vanagon: Refer to pics in other categories. 1. Ingersall Rand lithium ion Impact2. AC Delco cordless socket with 2 batteries3. Bubble flare set OTC Stinger4. Fuel/oil pressure meter5. Vacuum pressure gauge6. Astro DT multimeter7. Wire stripper and crimper with assorted dies8. Block tester 9. Compression tester10. Infrared heat gun11. Ball joint press12. Deep impact drive socket set metric/sae13. 2 used shurflo water pumps14. Whistler inspection camera15. Alternator 16. Bosch new fuel pump17. All pertinent hardware for emergency fixes18. Idle control valve19. Hall sensor20. Used wiring harness-turn key with all adapters ready to go21. Battery isolator keyline 140amp premium kit22. Gauges, switches, etc, for main control board23. Completely rebuilt suburban furnace with all brand new upgraded parts and Dinosaur control board. Pressure tested and ready. 12,000btu24. Aluminum water tank with custom Schaefer valve for manual water pressure25. Thule tire chains for ice and snow26. Pre-owned rear wiper, reservoir, and assembly (ready to install)27. Dash cam front and rear view-touch screen28. Eco temp tankless hot water heater. Brand new29. Quantity 3 Authentic scepter BPA free water tanks 5 gallon30. 14 gallon water tank pre-owned31. Grey water tank pre-owner32. 50 watt ETFE rich solar flexible panel33. Pure sine wave inverter 1500 watts34. 110 AH deep cycle battery-new35. MPPt controller36. Solar fuses, wire, etc.37. Motive power bleeder38. New Sony door speakers x439. Custom handmade cup holders for can and coffee cup-unfinished 40. Sliding window screens41. 2 sinks with drains-pre-owned42. 2 stove units stripped and ready to re-install43. LED starry string light with remote44. Custom handmade recycled lumber planks for walls, ceiling, etc.45. Custom handmade cedar counter top live edge-not finished.46. 5 yards heavy duty curtains (super expensive!)47. Grommets48. Sliders49. Buttons with self tapping screw50. 16 ft of curtain slidersThese items were compiled and thoroughly researched after many trial runs. With this inventory, you will be almost completely self sufficient. New owner should add spare ECU, and additional items as needed .Added bonus for the right offer:ICECObrand new AC/DC fridge Unit. This thing is amazing. see pic.The wood planks and live edge cedar counter top was hand made by me and was chosen for particular purposes within the vanagon’s interior. This too was never installed and comes with this purchase. Each item was hand finished and has a tremendous amount of time invested. Similar items go for 155$ per 10 soft. I have about 40ft2see picsEngineBrand new Bilstein XHD shocks all around. approximately 700.00 just in shocks. The plastic coolant reservoir was discarded and replaced with the pristine Van Cafe metal version. This was a 245.00 upgrade. Also, alternator wire upgrade by Gowesty. The wimpy battery cable was upgraded with 00 welding wire and really improved performance. A 10 gauge wire with a dedicated fuse panel for additional accessories was added near passengers side.The metal coolant pipes only needed replaced at the firewall. I opted for Terry K’s custom pipes with high end silicone coupling. All coolant pipes have been replaced as needed, (not all at once.)All of the annoying quirks and safety issues have been addressed, replaced, etc. This includes the following:1. All new fuel lines (including hard plastic!) The plastic connector at firewall was bypassed with a grommet. New fuel line abrasive sleeve protectors were added2. All brake lines were removed and replaced with new lines and bubble flared fittings.3. All flexible brake lines were replaced with stainless steel version4. Gas tank was dropped, inspected, and updated with all new hoses, clamps, grommets, etc. from the Gowesty fuel tank upgrade kit.5. new ball joints6. new tie rods7. wheel bearings all around. inner, outer, etc.8. new Lobo CV joints, and updated star fittings, boots, grease, oteiker clamps.9. New boots on front drive train10. New hankook tires last year. I have not drove anywhere. Seriously, those tires have less than 1k miles. Deposits are nonrefundable.Created on the eBay Motors app
Vehicle Details
  • VIN: WV2YB0258EH114649
  • Item location: Jonesboro, Arkansas, United States
  • Year: 1984
  • Mileage: 99999999
  • Make: Volkswagen
  • Model: Vanagon
  • Color: Blue
  • Type: Van
  • Trim: BUS
  • Engine: 1.9 Gas I4
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Vehicle Title: Clean
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