Electric Volkswagen Beetle

Electric Volkswagen Beetle
Vehicle Description

1974 Volkswagen Beetle - Classic

Special Fleet Sale

A Complete Suite of I.C.E. Free Vehicles

Electric Car

Electric Motor Scooter (400 CC equivalent, virtually a motorcycle)

High-End Electric Bicycle

Electric Car: The car Is a 1974 Super Beetle Conversion. Asking $3600

Extensive work has been done on the car including an upgrade (Bill Rich) to a

Warp 9 motor about six years ago. Since then less than 95 miles have been put on the car. All the work has been done only by club members. The wiring was redone (Pioneer Conversions)completely about 3 years ago. I put in 12 new large capacity 12 volt batteries in the summer of 2018. I unfortunately spent two months in a rehabilitation hospital following a serious accident to both of my legs, and the batteries were not charged over last winter. New batteries will cost somewhere in the range of $95 to about $140 each.. The back of the car has been converted to a very attractive truck bed. I think the caris a wonderful candidate for lithium conversion.

Skill set needed to get the car running and enjoying it is that of a smart 12-year-old teenager.

VECTRIX motor-scooter 400 cc equivalent asking $1250

This is an incredible machine designed in Massachusetts and RhodeIsland by MIT engineers and scientists and manufactured in Poland. The batteries are similar/identical to the cells In a Nissan Leaf. I weigh 200 pounds and my wife comes in atabout 135 pounds, I have had the VECTRiX doing 60/65 miles an hour up to LakeGeneva from Highland Park, very comfortably.

The bike needs work that is above my pay rate. There is an intermittent fault with a capacitor, and the batteries need either rehabilitation or replacement, again this machine has potential for a lithium upgrade. I have been in contact and actually shipped the bike to Massachusetts (in 2016) where the main auto design engineer stillhas a shop and services these bikes.

Skill set needed: IF you arenot an electrical engineer, or if you're over 50 years of age and don't knowwhat a VTVM is, don't consider it !!!


Electric bicycle E bikeLee Iacocca model asking $550

This beautiful bike was designed by, and manufactured under the guidance of Lee Iacocca. It is beautiful and in virtually mint condition.

It needs a 36 V battery,which I don't have to make it run.

Skill set needed: Again a smart teenager, with a little help from his parents, because the battery is fairly expensive, should have this bike up and running and being enjoyed.

Of course I will negotiate a very nice discount if someone buys the complete set.

I have bought and sold cars from club members before, the beautiful Porsche that has now been converted tolithium was mine as an interim owner for several years.

Vehicle Details
  • Item location: Highland Park, Illinois, United States
  • Year: 1974
  • Mileage: 301
  • Make: Volkswagen
  • Model: Beetle - Classic
  • Color: Yellow
  • Type: Cab & Chassis
  • Engine: ELECTRIC
  • Fuel: Electric
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Interior color: Red
  • Vehicle Title: Clean
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